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Unlocking the transformative potential of global carbon finance

carbon experts with extensive experience in global carbon markets
year investment track record in climate
year commodity risk management experience
Our Mission
To realise the potential of carbon finance and market mechanisms to accelerate decarbonisation and sustainable development.
One of our joint missions located in the Brazilian Amazon

Carbon Solutions

Find out how we can support you and your organisation to devise robust carbon strategies, gain access to global carbon markets and quality carbon projects and make impactful investments that deliver value and contribute to global climate and sustainability goals.

Vertree Ventures

Our portfolio of investments is focused on experienced project developers and technology-based start-ups which are all advancing progress and integrity in the field of climate and carbon markets.

Partners & Accreditations

Vertree is an ICROA-accredited organisation. This certifies adherence to ICROA’s Code of Best Practice in GHG emissions reduction and offsetting through the use of high-quality carbon credits.
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We are a member of the International Emissions Trading Association, an independent non-profit, industry-led organisation focused on advancing international cooperation in emissions trading.
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The focus of the organisation is to realise Africa’s potential in carbon markets by addressing the possible challenges to growth and building the foundations for a thriving carbon market in Africa.
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Part of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the NCS Alliance is focused on enabling the scaling of Natural Climate Solutions to solve some of the world’s most pressing environmental & social challenges.
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ecosecurities has over two decades of experience in carbon markets, developing emission reduction projects, nature-based solutions and working with decarbonisation technologies around the world.
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brCarbon is a Brazilian project developer, led by a technical board with more than 15 years of experience in REDD+ carbon projects. Its team is dedicated to ensuring that a standing forest is valued.
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Kita, part of the Vertree Ventures portfolio, is a carbon insurance specialist. Its core product insures forward purchased carbon credits against delivery risk with the aim of catalysing global capital flow into carbon projects across the spectrum of nature-based and engineered approaches.
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