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Vertree Ventures

Financing the future of carbon markets

Our portfolio of investments is focused on world-class project developers and technology-based start-ups which are all advancing progress and integrity in the field of climate and carbon markets. We invest where our expertise, due diligence and material re-risking can add the most value. Our investees benefit from our technical expertise in carbon, the security of Hartree Partners’ multi-billion-dollar balance sheet, access to evolutionary pools of capital as well as opportunities for joint product development.

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Vertree Ventures Portfolio

The carbon insurance specialist. Their flagship product insures forward purchased carbon credits against delivery risk with the aim of catalysing global capital flow into the carbon removal sector. Co-invested with Octopus Ventures.
Crux is building the platform for sustainable finance, starting with transactions of the new transferable tax created by the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act.. Co-invested with Lower Carbon Capital.
Mantle Labs is a leading remote sensing and AI technology company dedicated to advancing environmental monitoring and data analytics. Mantle Labs’ platform Geotree offers state-of-the-art solutions for assessing and improving the quality of environmental projects. Its global analytics spans nature-based solution project types including REDD+, ARR, regenerative agriculture, grassland management and sustainable rice cultivation. Co-invested with Anuvin Global.
SeerAI is a spatiotemporal analytics and data fusion company, transforming the economics of geospatial AI applications in climate through its proprietary software platform, Geodesic. Geospatial data is critical to climate analysis. SeerAI enables it to be brought to the AI revolution. Co-invested with In-Q-Tel.
Hydrosat is a thermal data business, applying algorithms to translate satellite imagery into recommendations and insight for irrigation optimisation, wildfire risk & monitoring, crop yield forecasting & defence. Co-invested with Blue Bear Capital.
SustainCERT is a climate impact verification business. The SustainCERT platform for carbon markets and scope 3 value chains is transforming the verification industry so that every claim can be digitised. Co-invested with Microsoft.
ecosecurities has over two decades of experience in carbon markets, developing emissions reduction projects, nature-based solutions and working with decarbonisation technologies around the world. Co-invested with SK Group & Shinhan Group.
Insight M is the energy industry's leader in high-frequency aerial methane detection, leveraging Stanford-derived intellectual property. Co-investment with BlackRock and DCVC.
Mantel Capture, a multiple PhD-led MIT spinout that leverages IP-protection on industrial carbon capture through liquid phase molten salts. Co-investment with The Engine and Shell.
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